Our Services

Expert Witness Gangs in Pending Trials:

  • Detailed review of discovery, with complex evaluation and next steps
  • Create Attorney questions of Cross, Re Cross, Direct and Re Direct examinations of witness at all court stages in Criminal and Civil Courts
  • Interview of clients both in custody and out of custody settings to provide road map of next steps highlighting both benefits and detriments
  • Field work of ‘The Day and Life of the Client’, arrange, meet and interview, family, friends, work, sports, religious, hobby’s, and all others to establish that client has a life style that is inconsistent with gangs
  • Create complex discovery lists for govt. to uncover data, on witness, alleged victims, confidential informants/rats (putting the rat in the trap), discovery on government witness and other complex discovery areas
  • Locate and interview active or former gang members in the alleged gang, for witnesses that may testify that client is NOT gang affiliated or gang active in the alleged allegations
  • In court observations of government witness under oath and testifying for impeachment purposes, as govt. witness often are in error on gangs
  • Locate and interview persons that are in and around gang world to participate at trial; and these persons, whether priests, ministers, teachers, doctors, police, probation, parole, active gang members, ex gang members, psychologists, gang interventionists, family, girlfriends, sports facilitators, mentors and others have the gang expertise that relates directly to ‘the client’ in the current relevant tria.
  • Live testimony as a Gang Expert Witness at all stages required.
  • Polling juries after verdicts in the courtroom or out of the courtroom.
  • Appellate review of trial with declarations under penalty of perjury; and
  • Other unique areas.

Death Penalty Mitigation Investigations:

  • Mitigation services are also known as pre sentencing investigations for the purpose of presenting the court with defense suggestions in determining an appropriate sentence for a client from Juvenile sentencing, adult serious convictions and the ominous DEATH PENALTY.
  • California and many states have two phases in a death penalty trial: 1) The Guilty Phase; and 2) The Penalty Phase.
  • The American Bar Association (ABA) MANDATES a Mitigation Investigation in all Death Penalty matters.
  • We are experts in Death Penalty Mitigation Investigations with a sub specialty in Mexico Mitigation Investigations for Mexican National clients

Immigration Defense / Wrongful Deportations of INS – DHS:

INS Deportations are commencing around the U.S.

  • Gang Issues are being used by DHS and INS to deport
  • A Gang Expert Witness is needed to defend deportees
  • Mr. Estevane, P.I.:J.D. is an expert witness in gangs and has been hired to assist in defending against wrongful deportations in immigration deportation matters
  • Mr. Estevane is a fluent Spanish speaker
  • Mr. Estevane is a licensed Private Investigator and can also use expert investigation skills for your defense team

Literary /Academic /TV Film /Trainings:

  • Papers or Research on Criminal Justice/Gang issues
  • Books, Chapters, Legal Research, News Articles, Blogs, Social Media-Author, Co Author, Ghost Writer and other literary formats
  • Training, Seminars, Small or large groups usually free of charge
  • Entertainment, script, literary, other forms of writings, usually in the area of murder scene I.E., gang, cartel, or other gang related themes provided both on spec and for pay on a project by project basis.

Investigative Services:

  • All investigative projects conducted with valid a California State Private Investigators License # PI 10200, issued to ASTIS Investigations, Estevane, by the State of California, Dept. of Consumer Affairs and first issued in 1983 and currently a valid active PI License.
  • All project costs will be provided in a written format so that both parties to the agreement will understand the terms of engagement and the costs associated.

Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) – Resume – Gregorio ‘Greg’ Estevane, P.I.:J.D.